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Everything is a work-in-progress

Starting a physical business has always been my dream as an artist. I really didn't think I would get the opportunity to have an actual storefront so early on in my life though. This year (2019-20) is my last year at Maine College of Art in Portland, I'll graduate with my BFA in ceramics. So as one can imagine it is difficult trying to start a business when you are still in school and just three years ago you had to raise your hand to go to the bathroom...

Anyways I finally finished unpacking the studio and all my artwork in the shop. The next goal is to finish organizing the shop and get some other artists in there to fill it up. I just ordered business cards and they should be here soon. This is all so new and exciting, I am trying not to get ahead of myself and I'm trying to do everything right. At least I have a good support system and resources for help.

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