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Scene Change

Some time has passed since this has actually happened, but I've had to close my physical shop location. I'm now working on a small home studio.

Due to some issues with my brick and mortar's building about to be sold, as well as dealing with trying to start a business in a global pandemic I've had to close my store front. One good thing I've noticed about taking my pottery business online and in person markets only is that I have less stress emotionally. In my physical shop it was very stressful to always be waiting to greet a customer. Normally I love talking to people about my artwork, but something about having to be "on" all the time and try to make work that is very personal and time consuming was surprisingly taxing.

However, I'm still making work! If not more work than I was before I had to close. I'm saving up to have my bigger kiln hooked up at home and it shouldn't be much longer till I do. Till then I'm working out of a small test kiln, about the size of a microwave oven. This isn't holding me back at all. I just have to fire small loads, packing my tiny kiln as much as I can, which isn't much, about four mugs for a final glaze firing.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I've been trying to make more and more of the pieces that are the most popular, mostly mugs with sunflowers, mushrooms, strawberries or cosmos. My goal is to make at least one of each for each of the shows/markets I have this winter and hopefully a few I can have on my website as well.

I really appreciate all the support I've gotten this far. All my followers and potter friends I've made online. The people I've met at markets and shows. My repeat customers. Friends and family putting in orders. Thank you to all of you. You are really making my dream come true.

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